Here's my Story So Far ( Day 4) Post Tonsillectomy Surgery.
Day 1,
I Have terrible anxiety as most people do about surgery, But with the right doctors I felt completely at home ( plus after a sedative haha). The surgery went smooth, and when I woke up I was greeted by nurses asking me what my pain level was at , and they kept me at about 2/10 on the pain level index with morphine.

Once I went into Day Care They switched me over to Tylenol 3, Thats when my speech started going, I was unable to talk properly due to my uvula being very swollen. But my Pain level was probably about a 4/10.

Once I got discharged and went home everything was fine, I drank water( You have to force yourself to ) and I went to bed being very tired after spending a entire day in the hospital. The only problem i'd say about the first night was my breathing seemed off, I didnt feel safe breathing just through my nose so I'd breath through my mouth.

Day 2,3,and 4 has been about the same so far ...
The Tylenol 3's I have to take every 4 hours seem to be losing there effect though, I'm about a 4-10 on the pain scale level till about a hour and a half after, then it slowly goes up from there to a 7 or 8.

At about Day 3 and 4, I've been feeling the nausea side effects that come with the medication on a empty stomach, But I just take some gravol and that works good. Just remember DRINK TONS OF WATER! and Try to eat as much as you can, I started mine off with a box of powdered mashed potatoes and I just make it super runny and that works good.

So all in all, Its been a Ok experience so far, Nothing that's unutterable just more so inconvenient and Tiring.
I will keep you updated :-D I definitely recommend a tonsillectomy to those who need it... It all will pay off in the end, and this pain for a few weeks is well worth it knowing i would of had even more pain for a longer time with more bouts of strep.

Good luck