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I had a miscarriage about a month ago and I bleed for 3 to 4 days afterwards but now 2 weeks before my original period date im bleeding and it s extremely heavy I have to wear 2 pads at a time should I be worried ?


Dear MesCas

Yes, women - some, not all bleed heavily after an abortion. I am listing few below -

A complete abortion means that the body has expelled all the products of pregnancy (blood, tissue, embryo) and there is no need for surgery (vacuum aspiration) afterwards. The only way to make sure that you've had a complete abortion is to have an ultrasound 10 days after using the medicines. You should not have extreme pain, prolonged heavy bleeding, or fever. You will bleed for 1 to 3 weeks.

More scientific information: All women who have successful medical abortions experience vaginal bleeding. The average number of days that a woman will bleed varies from study to study, but it is likely that women will bleed for one to three weeks. Many women will already know if the abortion is complete, but we advise women to have an ultrasound to be absolutely sure that they've had a complete abortion. Studies do show that women can often tell if they have had a complete abortion without an ultrasound or a doctor’s examination. A woman cannot be absolutely certain that the abortion was successful unless she is examined by a doctor and has an ultrasound. It is best to do an ultrasound 10 days after using Mifepristone, as only 80% of abortions are complete after 5 days.

The ultrasound will ensure that all the tissue and materials from the pregnancy have left the woman’s body. A woman who has had a complete abortion should not have any of the symptoms of incomplete abortion or infection such as extreme pain, prolonged heavy bleeding, or fever.

If however there is extreme blood loss, please visit your healthcareprovider ASAP