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If i find out that i am pregnant.....i want to know more about abortion....if i have an early one, will it make it difficult to have kids in the future?

Does it hurt etc?

And does having an early abortion have any emotional/physical effects on the woman???

Please help.


I work in an abortion clinic as well as have had 3 myself..I am 24 =)

I have no regrets because I wanted an abortion. I think you will find that women who have regrets are the woman who were forced or pushed into having an abortion, whihc is not your case I am assuming.

If you would like to nkow a lot of good info about abortion, how much it costs etc..
Click on YOUR state and you will find lists of clinics/doctors offices, and their websites.

ABORTION CAN HURT, but it does not have to! YOU CAN be put to sleep during an abortion, so you will feel no pain. You can also have IV sedation which will make the pain minimal, and your anxiety less.

IF YOU cannot afford the extra sedation/anesthesia, an abortion feels like intense menstrual cramps, very intense... But they only last a few minutes..

ABORTION is statistically 10 times safer than pregnancy and childbirth.

ABORTION DOES NOT affect future fertility! The only way it posibly could is if you had a MAJOR fallopian tube scarring infection, which is very very rare.


Actually that is totally wrong. Although it is rare, Abortion's can effect a woman's fertility later on. Like any medical procedure, things can go wrong. It maybe be rare but to make a statement like "abortion does not effect future fertility" is misleading.

It can range from an accident resulting in a hysterectomy, and I know someone personally who unfortunatly had this happen, to something that is a lot more common such as damage to the cervix. It is a lot more common for people who have had abortions to have cervical incompetence than woman who have not. What this means is that the cervix dialates early on in the pregnancy, soon after the 12th week. This obviously results in the baby being 'born' before it is viable (called a late miscarriage). When this happens, the woman in a future pregnancy can have a stitch put across her cervix to prevent it dialating too early. The stitch is then removed when the woman reaches term.

I don't mean to scare you, you asked a question and I am giving you the answers to it. Like I said it is rare anything will go wrong, but nieve to think there is no possibilty anything will. And the most common problem effecting fertility is treatable, although I'm sure the emotional and physical side effects of a miscarriage is difficult to go through.

As for emotional effects, it is hard to tell what you will feel afterwards. Again it can go from one extreme to another and anywhere in between. Some women will go on as if nothing has happened and others can go to the complete opposite end of the scale and become severely depressed. It is also possible to have negative feelings delayed, for example you may feel nothing directly afterwards but an event, such as a family member or close friend falling pregnant, or a future pregnancy may bring emotions up in the future.


its called birth control.


you spelt which wrong