Hello everyone, I'd like to share my story about my medical abortion as well as ask a few questions. I was 9 weeks to the day along when I took my pills on the 25th of February. I bled heavily for a few days, then all was somewhat normal. I did have my follow up appointment 2 weeks later, March 10 & I was all clear & healthy. I bled from the abortion for about 3 weeks, I believe it ended around the 20th of March & I have not had bleeding since. It is now April 4th & I have not had a regular period however, I went to use the restroom and noticed spotting yesterday. It has ceased. I'm terribly nervous. I have had sex recently, however it was protected with both condom &/or spermicidal gel. Is spotting AFTER your abortion is completely over normal until you get your regular period? Plz reply!