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Hey guys I had a few question about puberty and how far am in puberty I'm only 13, Well Over the past few months I started to get bumps on my forehead and bumps are getting more bigger. I don't know if my voice has gotten deeper or not but sometimes I get these high pitch crack in my voice. I've also notice that now I have alot of hair under my arms and it feels long stringy & curly. Same.with my pubic hair I have alot and it long stringy & curly. Also I've notice my.attitude has changed alot now I've seem to get more irritated and now sometimes I'm more irritated than happy mostly because now everything makes me irritated in some way. Also my penis size is 3.75 inches and when its erect its like a lil over 4inches or at least 4inches. I usually ejaculate every 3 or 2weeks 1-2 times mostly 1 time though. And I started when I was in the late 5th grade and after I had an orgasm all I felt was a sensation in my feet and nothing would come out. But now I'm 13 and when I do it clear pre-cum comes out but idk if its alot or now cause usually sometimes it squirts out and sometimes it just slides out with 3 or 4 big droplets. Also im about 5'0 feet and wanted to know if your taller you have a bigger penis and if your smaller you have a smaller penis. Last question is if a 3.75 penis good for my age please I need enough information so please reply back to this thank you.


Hi Peters0609

If you search for the Tanner puberty scale for boys and do the quiz it will give you a good indication of what stage of puberty you are in.

From everything you have said you are developing normally and all the changes you are experiencing are all normal and part of puberty.

The pimples, your voice cracking and the mood swings are all part of it.

For being 13 you are well into puberty and your penis size is just fine and well within what is considered average for your age. There will be boys the same age that are bigger just as there will be lots of guys much smaller.

When you masturbate and it squirts out that is ejaculating and it is cum and being clear at first is also normal it will become white as you develop.

As far as your height being associated with penis size there is no relationship to it tall guys can have very small penises and short guys can be very small as well just as tall and short guys can have large penises it is more a DNA thing.

Penises come in all sizes the same as people do but your size is just fine and you have lots of growth and development ahead of you.

You are developing just as you should be.