Im a critical care RN with 20 years of experience. In addition my husband of 11 years is an alcoholic in my opinion. Im BAFFLED by the fact that he consumed COPIOUS amounts of alcohol EVERY day (conservitively 500 ml of vodka DAILY). His alcohol consumption has in creased over the years but it has always been excessive. This LARGE quantity I describe has been cinsistant for almost 2 years. He is 45 years old.

Aside from this issue he is other wise healthy. Non smoker. Eats fairly healthy. No known chronic illness. Excersizes. (a functional drunk)

He HAS has elevated liver enzymes in the past BUT over time HE has figured out that if he DECREASES the amount of ETOH several day prior to his blood work that his liver enzymes will nearly stablilze and his dr is happy and he looks like someone who is MANAGING his drink.

IS THIS POSSIBLE???? Im TOTALLY baffled by this. HOW can he consume this much ETOH and STILL be in healthy shape?? Is he a ticking time bomb?? WILL this eventually catch up with him?? Logically I KNOW it will but I guess I didnt realize that an alcoholic is able to manipulate their LAB tests like this.

Is it the case that DECREASEING ETOH consumption for a period of time WILL stabilize liver enzymes??

Is it at ALL possible that someone CAN drink excessively and NOT hurt their liver???

I feel like he is beating the odds. I dont WANT him to be sick but Im SHOCKED that he ISNT.

Any insite?? Please help.