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This is my first post.....I tried posting earlier but I must have done something wrong as I did not see my post after submitted.

ANYWAY>>>Im a critical care RN of 20 years and married to an alcoholic for 11 years. I see regularly what alcohol does to a body with excessive use but am BAFFLED by the fact that my husband who drinks conservatively 500 mls of vodka EVERY day remains physically "healthy".

His consumption has always been higher than reasonable. But for the last 2years he switched from beer to vodka and has been taking in at least a half a liter every night.

He HAS has elevated liver enzymes in the past BUT somehow he figured out that if he stopped drinking a few days BEFORE his lab test that his enzymes would stabilize and his doctor would be very happy with him.

IS this POSSIBLE??? HOW is it that he consumes this much alcohol and isnt failing before my eyes??

In his favor.....he is otherwise relatively healthy. No other known chronic illnesses. Eats fairly healthy. Excercises. Doesnt smoke.

Is he a ticking time bomb?? Is there some OTHER way to test for liver condition BESIDES liver enzymes?? Is it POSSIBLE that he is able to manipulate his lab results like this??

Please teach me about this?!


You husband is heading for a bad ending. He may be able to get away with his method of fooling the liver test for a while, but it will eventually catch up with him. The damage from alcohol is cumulative. Just because he stops drinking for a short while does not mean there is no liver damage occurring. It is.