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Hi, my hands have been really dry and I've used Olay Rapid Rpair Hand Lotion a few times. Everytime my hands get blotchy red and stay like that for a couple of hours. I was wondering if anyone knows if this would just be because my hands are too dry and the lotion is no good for it or if it would be an allergic reaction? Thanks.



There is definitely something wrong with your skin and the lotion that you are using. Do you know what kind of ingredients does the lotion contain? Sometimes there is only need for one ingredient in the lotion to be allergenic for your body. I think that you should do some research or even better you should do an allergy test in the hospital and see do you have any allergies. There is no solution for this but to avoid this lotion in order not to have this kind of reaction in the future. I hope that your skin will get better and that this helped you in any possible way.


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