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I Just Turned 21 Year's Old This Year! 

I Just Started Getting Allergic Reaction's To Advil And Tylenol, And Bad Allergies To Dust,Pollen,Smoke,And Perfumes,And In Change Of Weather!

I Am Scared Because I Just Started Collage And I Work A Full Time Job As A Teacher For An Elementary School In The Pacific,A U.S Territory An Island Called Guam!

Im Also Studying As A Marine Biologist Because It Really Has Nothing To Do With Symptom's In The Water, I Grew Up Mainly In The Water's Of The Pacific Studying Marine Life For 16 Year,I Think Im Symptom's Are Increasing Do To My Slight Blurry Vision At Time's,I NEED HELP!!! 

What Should I Do And Who Should I See,Im Currently In Dying Need Of Help!!! 

Please Fell Free To Reply To My Post... Aaron,L


Hi Guam,

See an allergist.  There are ways to desensitize your allergic response.

Good luck.