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For the last few years I've been suffering from minor OCD, however in the last few months something new has occurred. I get upset really easily. Coughing, mutiple people talking at once, or a loud noise can set me off on a temper tantrum which can last for 30 seconds. I scream at the top of my lungs and curse and feel like I have no control once I start. Afterwords I'm really shaken, i have problems focusing and thinking. Are these panic attacks? can/should i receive treatment?


Yes they are panic attacks. And most likely if you have any of the symptoms below you should seek for professional help.

* you may feel dizzy all day along
* hot flushes, while in public places such as supermarkets, cinemas etc.
* racing heart beats
* severe headaches, especially at the back of your head
* nausea
* weakness and trembling
* stomach pains
* often shaking
* you worry too much for no apparent reason
* inability to meet with your friends, isolation. (this occurs in severe forms of social anxiety disorders, also known as agoraphobia).
* tickling or stinging sensation through your arms, legs or feet
* back pains
* sleep disorders
* negative thinking
* feeling of unreal
* fearing that you might die
* fearing that a severe illness that is threatening your life

God bless you !