I know one of the symptoms of hypothroidsim is difficulty in losing weight and weight gain, but they never say exactly how much weight gain would be suspect of a thyroid condition and what do they mean by difficulty losing weight..does that mean NO weightloss at all or do they mean very minimal weightloss?
I have been dieting and working out for at least 2 months now and have only lost 3-4 pounds...would that be a sign of hypothyroidism?? Or does somone with hypothroidism just not lose weight at all despite diet and excercise?
Please share your thoughts...especially of you have hypothroidism..what did you experience in terms of the whole weight gain issue and if you were trying to lose weight what happened?

My situation ...I have a simple goiter an I have been on levo for 7 years with no problems. I am told by my doctor that I have a simple goiter and I'm not hypo or hyper thyroid. you can have a goiter without hypo or hyperthroidism and I have had my blood work done and everything is normal but things have been weird since Dec 2006. I quit smoking cold turkey in Dec06 and gained about 3-4 pounds in a matter of two weeks despite not changing my diet and working out more than ever. I assumed the 4 pound weight gain must be a side effect to quitting smoking. so then I went to the doctor to check if everything is okay with my thyroid and she said everything is normal and that I should not have a more difficult time losing weight than anyone else.
So I REALLY REALLY started watching every calorie as of Feb1st and started working out every single day. I have been dieting and working out since Feb1st and I have only lost 3 pounds in two months on a 1000- 1100 cal a day diet with 60 minutes of working out everyday. o.O
Is this normal?? Or do you think I might have a hypothyroid condition?
I appreciate hearing all your thoughts!!
Thanks so much!!!