So, I’m thirteen and I weigh about 140, 135. I’m 5’3”, I wear a size two to four in jeans, and a small to medium in shirts, jackets, etc (i like medium because it’s baggy). I eat a lot of veggies, fruits, and i eat hardly any fried foods, etc. Yet, I still have a belly pooch. I’m quite muscular, and I have quite proud shoulder, large legs, and a long neck. I’m very insecure about my weight, and I have no idea how to shed extra lbs. I exercise 30 minutes a day, and I’m quite an athletic person. I do gymnastics once a week, and dance almost everyday as a recreational sport. My doctor says I need to try to lose weight, because when I was younger I was constantly eating junk food, food high in carbs/sugar, and a whole lot of calories. My question is, will I lose weight as I grow? Or will I be “over average” forever? P.S. I do eat some sugar, but I try to limit it to two treats a week (hardly ever meet this goal, lol.).