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Ok so I'm currently 160lbs or more I just found out I weigh more than my ant I have tried joging wAlking runing swimming and I drink lots of water how can I lose weight over the summer I really want to go from a size 11 in pants to a size 5 or 6. My teenage sister weighs 130 or 140 and I weigh more thAn her any advise on how to lose weight?


if you are being honest that you have tried water and exercise and havent seen results, maybe you should look at what your putting on your plate. sure, it may all register as healthy, but look at your portions. are you eating a large cut of steak or a small one? how many starches are you eating? what sauces do you put on your food?

something that i do is avoid plates. instead, i take 4 SMALL platters. on each SMALL platter (and i mean 4 inch diameter roughly) i put a different group of food on. vegtables, fruit, starch, and meat. now normally i actually only do it for dinner (my only official meal of the day) and spend the rest of the day, from the time i get up until dinner, snacking on FRUITS and VEGGIES! you would be suprised at how quickly you fill up and how little you eat. another tip is to every hour of the day drink a cup of water. and before a workout drink 2-3 cups, to make up for prespiration. and if you dont see results, then consult your doctor to see why that is.