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Hello Everyone! I'm a 13 year old girl who weighs 135-140, and I'm 5'3. I want my thighs to slim down, and my friend said walking just builds up muscle and muscle is bigger than fat! And I dont want either of those! I just want slim legs. Being curvy and big runs in my family, because we are Italian we eat a lot! I've tried to stop eating bad foods, eating less, doing squats etc. BUT NOTHING WORKS! I just want to have a bikini body for summer 2015. My mom say's guys like curves, but I just don't like it! All the girls at my school are sticks! And people at my school make fun of me beacuse of my weight!  I also have a big bum, and it bothers me to! I drink lots of water and like I said I am starting to eat a lot less. Please help! Thanks so Much!


First of all dont listen to those people who makes you feel bad second inner beauty is what that really matters! Let them speak whatever they want. And yeah if you really want to loose weight you are not supposed to walk, but run. You can jog for about an hour, its not that easy at first but you'll get used to it eventually. Then you can also extend your running time. Or even play football it'll not let you get bored and you can run too, plus you can also try skipping it'll be the best for losing thigh weight. And you dont have to less your diet because your body need energy to work, and less energy will affect your biological cycle gravely. Just eat the things that provide your body proper energy stay away from junks like pizza, burger etc eat lots of fruits or eat five types of food daily they'll provide the fibre and the required energy and they will take time to digest which means you wont feel hungry and you then will not eat extra food :) and eat only when you feel hungry not because the food was looking ''delicious'' and proper sleep is also important less sleep means low energy more food! More sleep means no food during the sleeping time more food! Its a lose-lose situation so you'r 13 you need atleast 7-9 hours of proper stressless sleep. If you have any other questions email me

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