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I'm 15, bout to turn 16, years old, and my boyfriend and i are wanting a baby, we've done some hard thinking about it, and i could really care less what anyone thinks about it. I'm hoping someone older can help me out.. We have been trying for the past couple weeks to get pregnant, the thing is.. Sometimes my periods are irregular, and i don't have it for months, and sometimes it is regular.. I ended my period on March 11, 2011.. Do you think i am pregnant by now? Like i said, we have been trying for weeks, and he has came inside me multiple times, but we don't know what to think.. What do you think? Are there signs by now, if i am?
Please help me out!!!


Usually we don't even consider fertility issues until a year has gone by without getting pregnant. Just because you have sex it is not a guarantee that you will get pregnant.

It's most likely too early for ANY signs. You likely would have just ovulated in the past week.

You need to wait for when your next period would be due. I know, you're irregular. This makes it harder but wait at least a couple of more weeks to test. If the test is negative, repeat the test 7-10 days later. Follow all directions on the test to the letter, especially on times. Use your first morning urine.