i had an abortion exactly a month ago. the doctor gave me birth control that i was supposed to take the following sunday, but i did not start taking it until this sunday. i've had sex in the meantime and i have not had a period yet. i only took the birth control to get my flow back on track. i'm worried that i might be pregnant again, but i don't really have any signs besides bloating and my breats are bigger and firmer, which are also period symptoms. i can't take a pregnancy test because my doctor told me it'll read positive for a few weeks afterwards even if i'm not pregnant. do you think my body was getting ready to have a period and i messed up by taking the birth control now or do you think there's another chance of being pregnant?

also, i don't know if this counts, but i had sex with my husband last night and my vagina bled a little bit but it stopped bleeding when we got done.