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Basically i have been on the pill, Cerezette for about 2/3 month but i haven't been that good with them, i forget them all the time and take them the nest day or take them when i remember. i don't take them at the same time either really. But anyway on saturday i took my pill at about 8pm and i had sex at 5am with my boyfriend, we didn't use any other protection and he c** in me. It only been less than a week but since then i have stopped the pill, and i have been feeling under the weather, and i havent had my period yet. Wake up in the morning feeling sick (never actaully been sick), been having headaches and very sleepy. For the past few days i have been havin like a brown spotting, and have cramps in my stomach, and also when i push down at the bottom of my stomach it hurts.

i havent yet taken a pregnancy test because everyone i have asked has said its to early to tell.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? could i be pregnant?


Hi all,
 I am 27 years old and a mother of four boys ages 8,5,2,1 after my youngest I had my tubes burned ( tubal ligation). For the most part my periods have been on time and never late. As of now I am 13 days late with a lot of symptoms of being light headed, nausea, breasts tenderness, and all I want to do is sleep (I feel great when I wake up then it hits all at once that I need to rest). I have taken a test and it came up negative that was three days ago. I have made a doctors visit for next week when they could see me. But I am scared of what could be wrong anyone else have these issues. Please help I am scared and worried