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hey guys, im only two weeks past my period and have been have sickness for about a week now in the morning and literally vomitting evening times the sickness is always there its just dull some parts of the day. also ive been having hot flushes, i feel different like i could be pregnant. So i went to my doctor and she took a urine sample, i got home later that day took a test it was negative, i then took one last night and it was positive with a faint line still visable now though. this morning i then took a clear blue digital and it was negative, my feeling are so messed up i dont no if i am or not, what you think?

thanks kayleigh


you could be pregnant. it may just be too early to tell on some tests. use your first morning urine to test with. your hcg levels will be higher. you could also ask your dr to take a blood test.