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I am 19 years old, and when I was 7 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Apparently I had Absence Seizures. I dont really remember most of them from when I was younger, but I was never put on meds, cuz my mom didnt believe in it. Last year I went back for another EEG. I did not have any seizures during this process. But I know I am still having them. My symptoms are queasiness, dizzyness, complete unfamilliarity with my surroundings. I know I havent moved, but NOTHING looks familliar. I have fear, and sometimes sweat. I feel extremely confused. This doesnt happen often though, maybe once a month. Could this be anything other than epilepsy?


id say youre still having them but im no expert.i was diagnosed in 1996 with GRAND MAL SEIZURES from abuse from my first noone told me i was having spells  buti knew something was wrong bc when i came to i was exhausted,my jaws hurt really bad,id be disoriented and confused,i couldnt remember what i was doing at the time last seizure was in 2005 and ive not had one.sometimes i grit my teeth really bad;especially when sleep.i still have to take meds my neurologist said for the rest of my life.I WANNA KNOW IF I AM STILL EPILEPTIC AFTER ALL THESE YEARS?i do have headaches when i go days without mymeds bu tother than that i dont recall having a seizure.what do you think?