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Hi everybody!

After putting new glasses, he suffered from episode of vertigo, dizziness even after taking of the glasses.
One day he suffered from serious dizziness episode right a way in the morning before getting up from de the bed.
His vision was altered; he saw literally all the room moving around non stop, his eyes were blinking in uncontrolled manner spasm. Only after putting his head down on the bend bed, those symptoms temporarily disappeared.

Now he is suffering from daily dizziness, and vertigo

On the night he has de put two pillow to feel ok, when he put his head in flat horizontal posture he feel that he is not in the right horizontal position so he had to elevate his head by putting more pillow in order to feel hi is good posture.
Has anyone any ideas about those symptoms!!

Thank so much for replay


Verigo is a feeling of falling or tipping over accompanied with nausea I think the episode with the glasses was a coincidence. There is medication that can help relieve the tipping and staggering feeling. Vertigo can be a one time thing or it can come on any time any place more than once. Persistant vertigo should really be evaluated by a doctor as it could mean there is an underlying problem.

I get it about 2 or 3 times a year and it lasts about 3 days. Each day gets a little bit easier, then it's gone. It is considered an inner ear problem and can throw off ones equalibrium to the point where they feel intoxicated.


bbfeet9 thank you for replay.
I will tell him thanks ;-)