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One of my 14 yo daughter's best friends was recently diagnosed w/ anorexia. My daughter was one of only two people she told about the real reason for her hospitalization. Since her return home, she has become increasingly mean to my daughter, yelling at her in front of others, excluding her from activities, etc. Recently she told my daughter that I was calling her mom to check up on her, which is, of course, not the case.
Is this type of behavior tied into the anorexia? Is there an effective way to deal with it, or should my daughter just cut ties to her?


I know when I was 14 and it came out I was anorexic, I took all my anger, hurt, and embarrassment on those I cared about most. My stint with anorexia which is now 15 years long has taught me you push away those who care because those are likely the ones who will help you. Help you do not want. By isolating you are able to exsist without fear of the threatened hospital stays.

While it would be extremely difficult to stay friends with your daughters friend, it would only reaffirm her stance that nobody cares. Read as much as you can... and be prepared to get a mouthful as the young girl will be extremely defensive. But if you stick by her, she will one day realize the love she has on her side.

I hope this helps somewhat.