I've had these issues for years, had the usual cardiac tests, everything normal.  Had the endoscopy, ultrasound, both normal.  I do have a couple of gallstones.  I've eaten low-fat, low carb, Dukan diet for the last year to avoid irritating my gallbladder.  Recently  the pvc's and weird shortness of breath, pressure between the ribs and anxious feelings have gotten worse.  After reading so many others are experiencing these syptoms, I remembered giving my dog fennel to help with his occasional smelly gas episodes.  I made fennel tea from powdered fennel (2 Tblsps) in a coffee filter, sitting the filter in a mesh strainer and then running the boiled water through it into a cup.  I drank 8 oz right after I ate  (already started to feel the gurgling/bubbling from eating) and within 5 minutes or so it was dramatically better!

I've also changed my diet to no meat, no dairy and no grains (except for 1/3 cup oat bran cereal for my 485 cholesterol) to give my stomach a chance to heal.  I'm also keeping a food and supplement diary since I've noticed that olive oil, fish oil, krill oil, and soybean oil based supplements all trigger pvc's, racing heart beat and a woozy feeling that can last up to 36 hours after ingestion .  Magnesium can also trigger my pvc's, the complete opposite of what its supposed to do, but I'm sensitive to it, or to something else in the Natural Calm magnesium drink.  Apple cider vinegar mixed with water still bothers my stomach and leaves it burning.  Peppermint irritates my stomach and gives me reflux.


Fennel is an antispasmodic and is beneficial for digestion.

I'm also starting a digestive enzyme supplement (different that pre and probiotics).