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I'm an Indian male, and had this secret and unacknowledged mutual bond for this guy in my office.

We both couldn't bear even if anyone else touched the other. But he was more practical, and would control his feelings.

He broke his legs (lower calf bone was broken --- the tibula and something) For social reasons I am now out of touch with him for a month now. His plaster did not work so they removed it after 15 days and he had an operation to insert a rod into his lower leg.

I know that he would have been touched around his underwear and possibly stripped too, but I want to know for sure, but I can't ask him.

Can someone tell me that in private hospital in NOIDA, would someone take off his underwear during any time before, during or after the surgery.

It seems he was under general anaesthesia during the operation, but it was a minor operation. They just drilled a hole and inserted the rod (I don't know how this is possible).

Do they strip you completely before the operation and make you wear a gown? Is this gown open from behind? Would they have given him an injection in tbe buttocks taking down his underwear. Would they have bathed him before the operation.

Last time I saw him he couldn't move an inch and had to be taken care of for urination/ defecation etc. After the operation would someone have to make him urinate/defecate?

He was in the hospital for 2 days.

If he needs to change into a gown can he do it by himself or does he need someone's help?

Can you help me figure this out? I just want to know the truth, whatever it is.

If someone knows or has been through this please tell in as much graphic detail as is possible without being vulgar. I am extremely anxious and would appreciate.


you are a FREAK. WHY!??!?!
Dude you are being REALLY creeeeeepy.. If its just a leg cast im sure he can piss by himself. id say 50% someone saw his nuts, and a 100% chance the didnt care


Kool98769, I don't think I'm being a freak really..........

I live in a totally different world than you do.

In my country men don't become naked before anyone. And certainly not in their youth. I myself have hardly seen anyone naked, not even my friend in question. It will be a BIG deal to watch a handsome man naked.

Men are especially embarrassed and hate to strip in front of women, and our culture doesn't require them to. Even for sex, men don't strip......... and prefer to do it with lights out.

It's would be very embarassing for a youth and a treat for anyone who gets to see a handsome man naked. Even if it is for treatment.

It is not easy to separate sexual feelings from nakedness, especially when it is so rare to see someone naked. If the man is in control of himself, he would squirm and shift if someone comes so close to his private parts which are considered so sexual.

In my country at least it is common to be give expression to suppressed sexuality disguised in day to day things.......... and treatment provides a perfect disguise.

Besides there is a great sexual value attached to the sexual violation of men (a violation which is not recognised by the society....... and a man is not supposed to complain in a heterosexual society). Both men and women are aware of this sexual value. There is an entire porn industry around forced male nudity and especially around CFNM.

I have seen nurses/ female doctors frequently violate the sexual space of male youth patients I have myself had my underwear pulled down by female nureses for receiving shots that male nurses give only on the hands ------- once even before my aunt. It was just too embarassing. I have seen female doctors forcing young men to expose their private parts when not required and one even gave an uncessary catheter (and was later told off by her seniors). Whenever I visit the ward I would see one or two naked youths with their penises hanging out in the open. They just don't have any regard for the male dignity or modesty ------- when a man cares so much for it as long as he is capable and in control.

My friend in question here, was used sexually too ------ both by male and female attendants. One male attendant kept thrusting his hands inside his underwear, even when my friend objected, in order to lift him onto the stretcher......... when all he needed to do was to lift him by the belt. The female nurse could have asked any of us male attendants to open the trousers and pull down his underwear to give a shot (especially since it is unacceptable for a woman to do it in India)........ but she proceeded to unzip his pants.........only I interrupted her in time.

Although I'm sure such things happen in your country too. Nurses are humans and they have sexual feelings too. Just because they see these things daily and they are professionals doesn't kill their sexual feelings. When they see a handsome man they might get to see naked or to get the chance of taking off their clothes.......... the nurses may get sexually aroused too...... although for most other patients it may be just a job for them.

I think it is not done to have female nurses/ doctors cater to men when such privacy is involved. It is a very western thing, and India could certainly do without it.

Even in the west, women patients are sometimes given only female caretakers but no such facitility is granted to men.

At least they can avoid stripping patients unless and untill it unavoidable. But they do it unnecessarily all the time, for the flimsiest of reason.


Indian men are no different then other males. I was stark naked before a female doctor & was blushing furiously. She seemed to enjoy my embarrassment because the whole time I noticed a slight smirk on her face. :$