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My fiance and I are trying to have our first child. We just started trying this month. Is there anything that I/we can do to increase our chances of getting pregnant. I just got done with my period yesterday and we started trying again today. What would the best days be to try? My period is regular and is the 16th thru the 19th every month. What should I be avoiding (foods, activities, ect.) and what should I be taking more of and doing more of? PCOS runs on my moms side of the family and women have a bit of a hard time getting pregnant but the doctor said that I shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant and I don't have PCOS and I'm not at risk of getting it right now. My fiance has perfect health and no fertility issues. Any other advice would amazing.

Thank you very much.


Main thing you need to start paying attention to is your ovulation cycle and your most fertile days in the month. Ovulation is the process in which fertile egg is released from your ovaries after which it travels through fallopian tubes and makes itself available for conception. Since your period is regular, you should count that your fertile days – that period when egg is available for fertilization – are 14 days counted from the first day of your last period. Best thing is to have as much sex few days around and during that time to maximize your chances. And lifestyle change is very important - number of factors can affect the exact timing of ovulation, including illness, stress or exercise so its important to keep your mind and body in balance. Good luck!