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After having intercourse on my ovulation day, even three days and two days before I still menstrate. What could be the problem and remedy?


Virtually all healthy couples can take upto a year to conceive! IF your periods are regular, you are ovulating when you should, NOT smoking etc. It is just a matter of time. Most experts will tell you that there is a 25% chance each month. So within 4 months you should start seeing something. In the mean time, both of you start taking prenatal vitamins (the man too) these have been PROVEN to DRAMATICALLY increase both of your fertilities. It has to be prenatal vitamins - as it is a combination. Also at health food stores, they have herbs that are added to prenatal vitamins, these have had GREAT success. IF you smoke or drink, both of you HAVE to stop - both causes a MASSIVE decrease in fertility. I always say "Take the work out of the trying" Just have sex ALL the time - why miss any opportunity. Yes you usually ovulate at the same time, BUT this can change for SO many reasons. After each time - especially around ovulation - put a pillow under your buttocks and lay like that as long as possible. You will be helping mother nature out by helping the sperm with gravity. IF after 4 months nothing has happend, perhaps go and talk to your doctor - so he/she could talk to you and perhaps run tests (regarding hormones etc.) also write down ALL your information - as when you do get pregnant, they need to know when you had your last menses, sexual timeline, health, what you are taking etc. This way you are TOTALLY on the ball! I wish you good health and a success!