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I was wondering is Estrin D the best weight loss product for women in menopause? I have heard that this pill is great weight loss product, and that is really great to boost up your energy. But, I don’t know who exactly can use it? Girl, women? Who?

Anyone on this site that has some experience with it? Anyone can tell me is this product good for everyone or just for women – only menopausal women.

I think I am almost one step closer to menopause, so maybe I am going to try Estrin D when this happens.

Informations, please!



Hi there,

So far I think it is. I think that no one treated woman at this way, no one had some special recipe or pill for women who are menopausal. Until Estrin D come to the market. I am not sure, but I think that this is the only pill that is intended for women in menopause.

I think that you should not use this if you are not menopausal yet. I would respect that this product is only for menopausal women.

You can try a lot of them before this one, you can start with some healthy plan eating, and then, when you get into menopause, you can start to use it.

Do you agree? 




Yes, I agree with you!

Market is full of the diet pills and healthy diet programs. Why would you use some pill that is made especially for menopausal women. You can wait to try them out, one day you will get into menopause as well, right?

So, you don’t need to rush!

I agree that this is the best weight loss product for menopausal women as well. I don’t believe that there is one that great on our market.

So, try it, but not yet. I won’t repeat when you can try it :) You know :)

Best wishes!