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Hello everyone,

OK, let’s see. We all know that Estrin D is a diet pill for women in menopause, but I have heard that men can use this supplement as well.

Is that true? Can men use Estrin D for weight loss as well?

Who can tell that? I mean, if women use this supplement for weight loss while they are in menopause, then when the men should use it, if they can, of course :) ?

Maybe you will find this question funny, but I really have heard this one day ago.

I must say that I am confused :)


Where did you heard that? This is the first time that I have heard that man can use this supplement for weight loss. I don’t know, but if you ask me, I think that you are wrong :) Again, if this pills is just and only for menopausal woman, then everything is perfectly clear. Estrin F is not to be used by man. And, I don’t know what I can tell you more about it, because I think that users politics for this supplement has perfectly sense.

Lady’s can use it, but their other halves can’t :) Basically, that is it.



No, they can't. I think that you really don't need explanation for this argument :) My husband wanted to use this medication as well, because his buddy told him that he can lose his weight and to be healthy with this supplement.

Of course, I told him to visit his doctor. Well, his doctor told him that Estrin D is not for him at all. This is only supplement that women can use, but while they are in menopause. Something other - no way :) So, if you have the case like mine, tell your husband to try something else, maybe to exercise every day and to eat healthy. Of course, alcohol is not allowed as well.