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How to use this Estrin D? Can I use it before menopause? I am very, very close to menopause, and I am wondering is there any chance to start using this product now? I mean, I think that I am going to get into menopause for one or two years, according to my body at this moment. Of course, you can know that for sure, until this happens.

So, I was wondering can I use this one right now, or I really need to wait until that day?

Do you use Estrin D? Did you use this product?

Tell me,



I would not do that if I was you. Come on, there is a good reason why this pill is for women who are in menopause. Why would you want to use it before menopause? I don’t see any reason, because I think that this one won’t help you lose your weight which you will possibly get in this process. Try with something else, some healthy diet, some other pills, if that is what you want, if you want to use some pills. But, avoid Estrin D before your menopause.

That is my advice, of course you will need to consult your doctor, but I believe that he will tell you the same thing as I did.

I mean, what is the rush? 



I don’t see any reason why should you do that. Sorry, I am just being honest with you!

This is a menopause supplement, and that is it. Do you have any specific reason to use it before? Honestly, I don’t think that you do.

Estrin D is a menopause weight loss supplement, and it claims to help women in reducing premenopausal and post – menopausal weight. So, if you really are that close to menopause, you can try this supplement out, but of course, you need to consult your doctor.

Nobody can tell you how this supplement will work for you and your body!