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Hello guys,

I need some reviews for Estrin D! How this one work? Please, don't tell me that this is just one more pill to lose weight :/

I have heard that this one is great for women who are menopausal, is that correct?

I don't have any experience with it, but the girl from the drugstore told me today that this product is totally fine and that I can use it.

I don't need doctor’s prescription to buy it, right?

So, I need to know how this pill exactly work, that is the only way to make up my mind is it worth to use or not :)

Thank you!



my aunt is currently using Estrin D. Yes, it is true, it is just fine weight loss pill for women who are menopausal. You will find a lot of herbal ingredients in Estrin D, but you will find some potentially harmful chemicals and other "hard" ingredients in it. 

So, I believe that you will need a doctor's prescription for this one.

I know that there are three steps in this process with Estrin D. 

First one - this pill acts like a stabilizer during menopause, and provides energy. 

Second one - Estrin D reduces the level of Sherline in the body.

Third step - it can reduce the rate at which food is metabolized.

It seems pretty complicated, so that is one more reason to visit your doctor and consult him about Estrin D.

There are some side effect, so you don't know is this pill for you!

Good luck!



Good day,

This pill is designed for adult women, not for the younger girls. I don’t know how old are you, but you need to consider this thing at first. Second, if you are old enough to use this pill, you need to consult your doctor and ask for prescription.

My mother in low drink these pills. I have to tell you, at first, I wasn’t so sure that this product is going to work. But, when she asked me to go to doctor with her, I was thinking that is ok to try, because for the price (it is not expensive). After one week, my mother in law had a lot more energy than usually, and she lost her weight for one month.

So, it works just fine, but still, I am not sure about all these pills.

Good luck!