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I bet you don't hear this too often: I need help GAINING weight. Yeah, I'm waaay underweight for my age/height. I'm 19, I'm just under 6 feet, and I'm 113 pounds. Been this way my whole life. I've tried working out, sometimes for 6 - 10 months at a time, but I'm just one of those people cursed to be forever skinny and have zero muscle mass. My diet is mainly sandwhiches, freezer pizzas (which I put healthier things on, mind you), a lot of fruit, TONS of milk (never anything else to drink here) and random junk food. But my metabolism is crazy. My weight can go up and down as much as 1 - 5 pounds a week, in random directions, no matter what I'm eating. Any tips for gaining and staying at a better weight?


I wrote a lot here:

But some of that was specifically focused on the ADHD issues of the two posters.

There is one weight/muscle gain protocol you might try. It's called "GOMAD" and stands for "A Gallon of Milk A Day".

Yeah, makes me want to wretch as well.

But look at what I wrote in the referenced post, and then consider:

1) GOMAD with at least 2 scoops of whey protein in your first 16 oz of the day. Use whole milk.

2) Gym time: Twice a week ONLY. 3 sets each 5 reps SLOW MOTION (in this order) of Bench Press, Dead Lift, cable low rows, squats or leg press, lat pulldowns. This should take you about 45 minutes total.

3) 200 grams a day of protein as mentioned in the earlier post.

4) Sleep 8 hours a night. Every night.

NO MORE FROZEN PIZZAS. That sh*t isn't just bad for your body, it's bad for your morals. You want pizza buy GOOD pizza. If you're going to kill yourself do it with taste.


I'm kinda in the same situation. Only that I'm 15 and under 5 ft This helped me. Thanks :)