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So, I'm 14 and I'm 5 feet 4 inches, but the problem is I'm only 83 pounds! I've been underweight for almost my hole life and I've never been able to change that. I try working out but I don't gain any muscle, I tried to eat more and gain some fat but my metablism is too high, and the biggest problem is my ADHD medication. When I take it I DON'T EAT AT ALL DURING THE DAY!!!!!!! I eat breakfast and dinner and that's it. I think that's the main problem but I think my diet for when I do eat is what keeps me from gaining muscle. I know protien is a big part of gaining muscle but what else? Reply and help me fix my weight problem!!! Please. Thanks!!


dude im serious no joke, same here im younger but still im 92 pounds 13 and i am like 5 foot 2 or 1 and i have adhd and my pills make me so i dont eat at lunch at school, what i do and i am gaining weight, is not to do like jogging that burns everything off, its bench pressing, pull ups! and most important sit ups if not any of that try to get different medication because my doctor is changing my medication because its not healthy for me to not eat and my growth sprout got delayed because of it. i hope this helped pm me for more info


So first off don't worry about gaining weight. If you survive highschool and college you'll have the rest of your life to gain weight, and you'll spend most of your time after 30 trying to get rid of weight.

Secondly, it is VERY likely that your ADHD/ADD medicine is f*****g with your metabolism and making it even more difficult.

Third you may be one of those "hard gainers" that find it difficult as hell to gain weight.

I was in that last category. I went to boot camp in 1985 at 5'9 and 129 pounds. Three months of daily exercise later I was 5'9 and 126 pounds.

The standard, and smart answer here would be to work with your doctor (the one prescribing your ADHD meds) to see if you can wean down the dosage (or get off them altogether, especially during periods when school is out of session. These periods will require you to REALLY step up your self-discipline and work hard NOT to manifest ADHD behaviors.)

I had a friend who's kid was severely ADHD. They took him off his meds for a summer and he grew like a weed. Had a lot of discipline problems too.

But if that's not possible or really hard, here's what you may try:

1) Cut EVERYTHING out of your diet that isn't Meat, Fresh Vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. No potatoes but yams are ok. Eggs and milk are good too. This means NO sodas, NO candy, no bread, etc. You don't need any of that, and it's going to get in the way of:

2) In every way cut sweeteners and sugars out of your diet, you want ot do this to "reset your sweetbuds" (no, not really, It's really reseting your brain's idea of what "sweet" is back to a more normal setting. We eat way too much sugar).

3) Eat your body weight in protein EVERY DAY. This means (for jamaconbacon) 100 grams of PROTEIN (I'm rounding up, you're young you can process more). Not 100 grams of meat, 100 grams of protein. Salmon is what, 20% protein so my 200 grams of salmon I had for breakfast netted me 40 grams. At dinner eat half your vegetables first, THEN eat your meat. All of it. Then finish your vegetables. If you don't like them cooked, eat them raw (I hate cooked veges, but I eat raw stuff ok).

Bell peppers (red, green, yellow) cabbage and kale (kale has the highest level of nutrients to calories of any food).

You're not going to be hungry because the drugs your taking suppress the sh*t out of your appetite.

F* the drugs. Eat like it's a deadlift. Eat like it's a squat. It's not pleasure, it's not fun, it's a grind, but you want to grow it's what you gotta do. Eat like your teachers tell you not to. Focus. Fork to mouth, repeat.

I realize you're in school now but try talking your custodial parent into making you chicken breast to take to school every day. You can get 5 large chicken breasts and bake them on a sunday night and put them in plastic bags, then take one a day to school. That plus whatever vegetables they're serving in the cafeteria should do you well.

4) Rest. Your body doesn't build muscle in the gym, it doesn't build muscle while you're sitting in your chair playing WoW at 3 in the morning. It build muscle while you're sleeping. Both of you are teenagers. You need WELL OVER 8 hours of sleep a night, and for best results those need to be in darkness, which means in bed, ALL lights out at 10 PM.

5) On the exercise thing, get the book "Starting Strength" by Mark Riptoe. Learn to lift properly. The less you injure yourself the more often you can work out. Riptoe's trained guys who can bench press your entire family He knows his schiznit.

6) Warm up and cool down, and only work one body part 2x a week (until you're 35ish, or can lift enough weight that the bar bends noticeably while you're doing it. Then go down to once a week.

I saw some of my greatest gains in strength and visible muscle growth lifting one day a week for arms, chest and back, and one day a week legs and lower back. My diet was basically 16 oz of milk with 2 scoops of unsweetened chocolate protein powder and a cup of oatmeal for breakfast, a 8 ounce chicken breast, hard boiled egg and and a sandwich baggy of cut vegetables for lunch and 1/4 cup walnuts, almonds or pecans for an afternoon snack (depending on workload and whatever I would sometimes eat some junk foond). Then a big piece of meat and whatever else my wife cooked for dinner.

Now, every person is different, and you two are MUCH younger than I, so you should be able to synthesis more protein meaning you MIGHT be able to go as high as 2x your body weight in grams (meaning if you weigh 100 pounds you can suck down 200 grams of protein). Or because of your meds you might have trouble.

Work with your doctors and parents on this. There some literature on ADHD and exercise that indicates exercise may help with focus and concentration through the day, but again this would require extra discipline on your side. You'd have to get up early, hit the gym, do some weightlifting, then cool down on a gerbil wheel for 20 minutes. It might be useful to experiment during spring break with this--if you can drop your meds a day or two (TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR) before your spring/easter break then see if the exercise during the break tones you down enough to stay focused the rest of the day, or if maybe a reduced dose will help.

Now, if you're starting to worry about attracting mates, just go out for the swim team and do with the coach tells you. Swimming builds as close as possible to the aesthetically "perfect" body, and you can get time in the pool before class. This would have a moderating effect on the ADHD as discussed

Good luck.


i want to increase my weight please give me some tips please