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Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there is a Type 2 diabetic that has cured, reversed or still a T2? I would dearly like to get off of insulin for my type 2. I really can't afford my medications and strips so I really scrimp on my strips. I adhere to a strict diet and I exercise regularly and I've heard that some people have been able to cure their type 2 or at least been able to get off of insulin. This would really help my pocket book if I could do this. Any one have any advice? Thanks.


Hello, I'm a type 2 as well and I found the Bernstein diet. It is a really strict diet that allows only 30 carbs day but once you get the hang of it, it really works. I haven't had to take insulin in over 4 years now and my blood sugar levels are good. I'm essentially normal most of the time. I suggest you pick up copy of Dr. Bernstein's book. He happens to be a type 1 from the age of 12 and he has developed this wonderful diet. This diet is not only for diabetics but everyone. He has many suggestions for high carb food substitutions that make the diet interesting. No way to get bored here. I'm beginning to think anything is possible if you find the right lifestyle. So many of our diseases come from a lack of proper foods and exercise. Food manufacturers really did a number on the public by adding processed sugars to just about everything. And, not to long ago it was difficult to find healthy foods even if you knew what they where. There are a lot of organic choices these days. At first, I thought buying organic would be very expensive but I know where to shop now and the prices are not bad. Small local farms have sprouted up all over the country and there are a number of healthy food stores locally as well. I think the public has finally wised up.