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Hi, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but I stopped taking insulin and my blood sugars are fine. Oh, by the way I'm a type 1. Anyone have any advice for me? I stopped taking insulin a month ago and so far I seem to be okay. I'm wondering if all of this is going to come crashing down on me. I learned of the Bernstein diet and I've been following that. I'm on 30 carbs a day and I stay away from foods that cause sugar spikes. I really find his diet easy to follow. In fact, I started on the diet before I stopped taking insulin to make a natural transition from what I was doing before. I'm to understand that Bernstein has been a type 1 since he was twelve. He is apparently up in years now and quite healthy. I understand that I might have to take insulin once in while if things go awry but I think I'm prepared for that. Anyone have anything to add to this. It would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, I familiar with Bernstein's diet and I've heard great things about it. I guess since you started on the diet before you stopped taking insulin, you have your blood sugar levels under strict control. That also gave you an opportunity to practice (trial and error) to get it right before the fact. Good thinking. Right now I take in somewhere between 3o to 50 carbs a day depending on the day and exercise and that is working well for me. In other words, 30 carbs per day are doable once you get used to it. I have heard that insulin may be required now and then but I think it's very infrequent. Sounds like you're doing really well so I can't see a problem. I happen to be a type 2 but you're making me think now. Maybe I should get on the diet. It seems like I'm pretty close to it anyway. I should make the plunge. How many days did you start the diet before you stopped taking your insulin? I could start now as a New Years Resolution. I think that's a great idea. I have a couple days to get the food stuffs I need and get going. I wish the best to you.