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Hello, all.... I am diagnosed with being a type 1 diabetic who is clueless about this whole diabetes thing. My grandmother had diabetes and i remember her taking some medication and she had sores on her heels and crack of her butt (trust me, I didn't want to know that but she complained about it all the time because it hurt all the time) so i know for some reason it causes sores on people.  I am scared about the whole thing.  And how do I know what food is right for the diet I am suppose to be on?  I go out with friends and I eat out a lot but I don't know how much carb content is in those foods.  What does a person do about eating out and eating right?  Is there a way of knowing what are the right foods to eat on a diabetic diet for type 1s?  I need some help figuring it out so that I don't end up with sores like my grandma. 


Hello Guest.... don't compare yourself to your grandmother just yet.  Your type of diabetes is a bit different.  You are type 1 whereas she was probably type 2.  You need to ask your doctor again how many carb units you are allowed at each meal.  You will need to get a book on carbohydrates because it will list many types of foods, convenience foods, restaurant dishes, and other things that you might eat.  You can calculate your carb intake easier this way.  Remember, 15 grams = 1 carb unit.  You can check labels on many types of products and see that carb grams are listed.  If you are allowed 2 carb units, you know you can have 30 grams of carbs for that meal. 

You will not develop sores like your grandmother unless you become less active. Pressure from shoes or sitting a lot can cause sores that are difficult to heal.

You can have any food you want; you just have to watch your carb intake.