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Hi everyone, I happen to be vegan these days and I was wondering if having a vegan diet could reverse type 2 diabetes? Reversing type 2 diabetes would be great. I can't imagine taking medication for the rest of my life and having to measure my blood sugar levels multiple times a day. This is not only inconvenient but it is also expensive. Quite often I have trouble getting all the insulin I need cause I don't have enough money. And, the test strips are expensive as well. Does anyone know about reversing type 2 diabetes and a vegan diet? Is there anyone out there that has type 2 diabetes and is vegan? Thanks.


Hello to you, I have a vegan diet and I switched to vegan when I first found that I had diabetes type 2. I have found it easy to control my blood sugar levels on this diet and in fact my levels look fairly normal. My doctor has suggested that if I continue this way I may be able to reverse my diabetes. I didn't think this possible but maybe it is. I should have gone vegan a long time ago and then maybe I wouldn't have become diabetic in the first place. So if you're thinking about becoming vegan I certainly think it is a good idea. You'll want to talk with your doctor or diabetes manager before you do. They will be able to determine if it is right for you. They can also help you about what certain foods you should be taking in. Not all vegan foods are acceptable. You certainly want to take in leafy greens like spinach but you don't want to take in too much fruit (lots of sugar there). However, there are some fruits that taste sweet but have little sugar in them and they can tell you what they are. I wish you the best of luck and hope you will have the success I've had with a vegan diet.