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I wonder if nitrous oxide is the right thing for me? I am just craving for a god relax feeling! Whatever it sounds like, it helps me escape this hell most people call life. I cannot call it like that, concerning all the problems I have. Anyway, my friend has been on it and says that I should be aware of possible headaches? Anyone suffered headache after nitrous oxide?


Look, man I dont really know how safe NO is. I mean, with pills and powder you know what you are dealing with, I mean you can see and measure those, but gas? I just dont know, I have heard of people having much more serious difficulties then headaches just because the staff they inhaled was not pure, and that is not something you can see, right? Anyway, I would stick to the pills!


Nitrous oxide is very safe, the only problem is making sure you get the pure stuff...which isn't hard to do.

If you buy reputable brands that are certified pure nitrous, etc. then you should be pretty safe. I wouldn't recommend using purewhip (or chargers with an outer coating of paint or w/e) with a cracker because the paint chips could end up in the balloon, and thus being inhaled. Use an empty whip cream dispenser for coated chargers.

Another way is a tank, but you can look that info up anywhere once you feel it necessary to get a tank. once you've tried and like nitrous.

The only known dangers of nitrous are vitamin b12 deficiency (which you can override with supplements) and oxygen deprivation.

Although nitrous isn't toxic, your body still needs oxygen to function, so you could suffocate on nitrous if you go over a couple minutes without any oxygen. over 3 minutes causes irreversible brain damage. I would try not to go over a minute and a half if i were you.
At the dentist they use proportions of oxygen with nitrous so you can do it for long periods of time. So just remember to breathe some oxygen now and then, or you could mix balloons with nitrous and oxygen, etc. figure it out.

When you inhale nitrous, your lungs don't get all of it in the first lungful so that's why people exhale into a balloon and breathe it in again, and again, it's efficient.

You don't really have to worry about suffocation because you'd likely pass out before 3 minutes, release the balloon, and breathe in oxygen.

Well anyway, have fun!