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I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for five years now and I’ve tried every treatment they could but like they said to me when I was diagnosed: there is no cure for this disease, just managing it. At first of course I’d always buy doctor-recommended, usually the most expensive and the least effective product. So after years of money thrown on creams that don’t work, I’m starting to look into cheaper options, preferably the ones that can be home made.

I’m trying to prepare zinc oxide cream to try if it’ll do anything for the patches on my legs, but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere to one simple question: does zinc oxide contain iodine? I need the both for the mixture and it only says zinc on the packaging.

Thanks for all the help and feel free to share any home treatments for psoriasis,



Hi Mel,

Psoriasis which is a chronic immune-mediated skin issue that presents with red scaly patches that may itch.  Unfortunately, there is no cure for it.   I'm not familiar with the receipe you're talking about with iodine, however I am familiar with another receipe.  By the way,  did you know you can take zinc  supplements.  This is good because it works on the inside of your body where the problem is.  With a cream or ointment, you are really treating rash and its overall appearance and itch.  Do a search on the Internet for "how to make zinc ointment" and follow the receipe.  I understand it works quite well.  Good Luck!