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hi there ,

If its possible I need some profesional help here. Are there any doctors in the house?. I have a question to ask...

Are blind spots caused from depression or anxiety. I see them during the day and they are so annoying. They can be side effects of medications too?

thanks and regards



I've suffered from these for years. Usually when a migraine is coming on.
The last several years though they had been plaguing my life! I went to an optomologist for an eye examine in Nov. 2008. While she was examining my eyes I was telling her about the "blind spots". She told me they were ocular (eye) migraines. (You can do a internet search on them). I had never heard of such a thing.
Anyway during my exam she put some anestetic (spelling?) in my eyes to look into them. Guess what? I've had one of these episodes since. What a relief! I decided that if (when) they return I will have anesetic put in them again.
Yes. I think some medications can cause "blind spots", "floaters" also. Maybe you should ask your doctor next visit. Or the pharmacist.