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Alright. Here's my story. I'm a 25 year old, white male.
I have smoked marijuana (and abused it for the last three years). I don't normally smoke and my alcohol intake is normal. I have had an unknown hacking cough for as long as I remember.

Since last November, I was living in an uncomfortable area and had trouble passing stools. I usually can't go if people can hear me. I would hold it for several hours at a time and wait until I got to work, only to find that I would remain constipated. I ended up passing very dark stools. Also the place I lived served food mostly very high in dairy and processing. My younger step-brothers also had pooping problems (one six years old would go in his pants; and the other nine years old had a stomach x-ray to see that his colon was full). I started a fiber diet, however, did not drink enough water and this caused some major bloating and gas on top of my constipation. I was very tortured. During this time I had flatulence into the toilet once which sprayed blood and another time where blood droplets were stuck to a stool. I have had problems with hemorroids before though.

I eventually moved out of there only to notice just before I moved that I was very fatigued when I would run and that I couldn't run as far as I normally could or push myself as far. While living back at home those ten months, I was very uncomfortable and often felt that i was walking on pins and needles.

As soon as I moved into my own place after securing a new job (two months ago), I began diahretic like symptoms and was going 6 to 8 times a day or very uncontrollably. Going didn't feel like diarrea, but it certainly looked like it. I attributed this as my bodies reaction to get all of the extra c**p out. However other symptoms worsened. I began to get lower back spasms. My arms were very heavy and felt weak. I experienced intermitant chest pain. Sometimes I would get shooting pains down them. I felt fatigued all the time. It was at this time I stopped smoking marijuana, because I was very nervous it was causing me this harm. Once I stopped smoking the symptoms did let up quite a bit for a time. I also started taking a multi-vitamin and I never got the tingly arms again. But my legs got weaker and while playing soccer I found that it was too painful to run very hard. (weakness and pain in my upper thighs, however I can bike fine)

I also have GERD and take prilosec for it. I have been googling my symptoms obsessively and reading posts like this in an effort to understand what is going on with my body. I have been to four doctors who have simply checked me over and they say that I am fine. I have also been to a psychiatrist who has prescribed celexa which I have been taking for nearly two weeks now. My panicking that I may be dying from cancer has ended, but I'm still not convinced. One doc ran a CBC and an ESR and both came back normal. Also a doc ran blood work on my liver and kidneys and they are functioning normal. Two of the doctors also checked my prostate.

I do not have insurance so no doctor wants to run extensive tests, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
Most recently I have felt nauseous, experience horrible headaches, and have tenderness just below my ears (perhaps TMJ?). I also sleep about three hours a night and then wake unable to go back to sleep. While awake I grind my teeth. I have not vomited, and for a time my appetite was extremely slim while the anxiety was most prevalent. I have been doing a lot of reading on anxiety in an effort to focus on that rather than the idea that I have cancer.

For the past few days under my arms and either side of my groin have been throbbing and below my ears is painful. Chest pain has been nearly continuous. I also feel like I am itching more than normal, but I am not sure.

I also saw a tv news article that states cell phones may cause brain cancer. I do not think I have brain cancer. After I saw this any time I put my phone to my ear I imagined that I actually felt something on my ear. This tells me how strong my mind/body connection is. I know that just by putting my phone to my ear I was imaging that I felt something. But I just don't feel well. . .something about my body is not right. . . I realize nobody can tell me what is going on with me unless they run tests, but I guess I just wish somebody could tell me that it is normal for glands to throb with anxiety so I can be at rest.

Any feedback is helpful.
My headaches do not feel like the typical anxiety headaches of being tight bands around the head. I have not had any blood in my stool again. I noticed the iron in my multi-vitamin is 100% daily value and may be making my stools dark. . . sometimes there is blood on the toilet paper. For awhile I thought I had IBS, but I am able to eat normally again. . . so if anything I think I have an anxiety disorder. I have a follow-up with my primary practitioner in about a week. I need him to run some sort of test so I can be nearly sure that I don't have cancer. . .I realize nothing is conclusive. . .I feel if I have anything it would be colorectal cancer. . .I realize I'm young for it, I also have a bump on my knee that is unexplainable and I'm nervous it could be skin cancer. . .it's pink. . .the doc didn't know what it was. Any feedback? Please help!


you need to be checked for celiac disease. you have every symptom. My son had everything you described the diet is the clear answer (look it up). This is heredity and so your brothers could have it too. This disease is most often missed for years in the USA for i don't know what reason. pursue this avenue!! please


Are you still alive?