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Is there anybody here who has used hypnosis as pain control after a hemorrhoidectemy. I saw an earlier post from someone who used the expression. "Breathing Through The Pain"  which would describe a hypnotic technique. I had my surgery yesterday morning. In at 6am out by 12:30. I am familiar with hypnosis so I was using that as my pain control and it was working fine. UNTIL I was reading another hemorrhoid blog and someone said that It was very dangerous because you can rip your stitches if there isn't any pain. Bam... all my hypnotic induced pain relief left that instant ... (basically I was hypnotized by that comment stronger than my stuff) I would be laughing if I wasn't in so much pain. The pain is brutal right now... did some percocet the doctor insisted I have. (thank god) and there is a little relief right this instant but it wears off way sooner than the 6 hour time limit and if I take them sooner I go nuts... Really bad feelings... Anyway i'm having a real hard time peeing and it feels like I have to have a BM all the time. I know this is normal but it is really frustrating when things were going so well using the hypnosis. Anyway my question is has anybody used this successfully? And if so, What scripts did you use or what hypnotist..... This is a great forum... it's now 4:30 in the morning and I can't get to sleep....



I can't say I know how bad is the pain after hemorrhoidectemy, it's probably even more awful than I could imagine. But I found your post very interesting because you say you used hypnosis successfully to control the acute, surgery pain and this is the first time I've heard about something like that. All i could do after my surgery is to hope the nurse will come with the meds (I had large incision on my stomach).

I figure that comment about tearing the stitches was based around you not having the aware control - so it might happen that you move quickly or do something that would cause the tearing. But I can't see how that is likely to happen since I didn't manage to pop a single stitch when I was knocked out by the painkillers. I was even less aware on what I was doing than you while hypnotized, and my incision was so big that even a simple tossing and turning around the bed would be unimaginable. So, I think if you are in as comfortable position as you can be, chances for something wrong are really not to big. 

Wish you all the best, hope the pain starts subsiding soon,