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Lose weight without drugs and their potentially nasty side-effects, and constant hunger. Consider hypnosis, use the power of your own mind. Great for smoking cessation as well. Start '07 out right!

MrE, Certified Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist


hey your are only 15..and i dont think you are fat...get a life!

for those you need to know about the tea...i think it is chinese tea either green tea, pu erh or oolong tea...i cant remember which one..but i know pu erh is taken by victoria beckham to help her maintain her weight.

generally, tea can help to loose some weight but it will take a long time. i recommend to take these teas as they are natural. i dont trust slimming products or slimming teas as i do not know what is the ingredient in it.

i get my teas are from ************, else i just pop into walmart to get them but somehow they are not as good quality as these online stores and they are mainly tea bags.

not only tea help to lose wieght but also a lot of other health benefits..i am not going to write a lot here...go check it out


You are 15 only, and i dont think you are fat..

for the tea in oprah i think it was oolong tea...

oolong is said to loose weight, i am taking green tea as well..

drinking tea is safe but the effect is not fast to see result..

i do not take slimming pills or slimming tea as i am afraid of the ingredients..

i get my teas from

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not only it helps to loose some fat but also good for my health