i had sex with my boyfriend a he cumed inside a month ago. this month i had a light period! although my period does vary! it started out with dark brown discharge, one day of bright red blood, didnt even fill up one pad! it was light... then it continued with the brown discharge for another 2 days or 1 1/2 total of 4 days in all.. this was 2 weeks ago. latley ive been tierd, a few days ago i had a small amount of pain next to my belly button on the side. only when i touched it (felt almost like a bruise inside) these 3 nights ive been waking up too pee and i wake up with a little nausea in the middle of the night. i also get slightly nauseous after i eat...are these signs that i could be pregnant? HELP PLEASE! did this happen to any body else???? let me know pls