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i dont know the date of my period first started just that it was around dec 24 or later during full moon.......i of courses waited till i thought was done period im guessing between 5ht to 8th day after 1 encounter then 3 days later another between the 2 there was light spotting....then after the 2nd encounter within 48 hrs i had severe cramping both sides went to back lower part of back very much like cramps but different......that lasted around 24 im not very hungry crying all the time am i pregnant cause i wasnt trying or planning 38 my youngest is 15 my oldest is 17 only been pregnant 2 times and had 2 concern is that my son was a 1 time encounter.....but the pain i had after i had the sex i never had normal is bad pms start period bad cramps 2 3 days and thats worried about the pain i had almost directly after my 2 felt like streching inside me.....and the crying is freaking me out im never like this except during pms.....i dont feel pregnant but i almost want to say my head is telling me i am i feel like im going crazy.....wouldnt it be to soon?


i feel the excat same my peirod is late but im on the contraseptive pill , and i get ilregular ones but my lower backs killing me and cramps im so scared , im only 17 , i dont feel any diffrent except im cryying and geting worked up , i think it could be because im stressing too much tho , im terrified