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Pain occurs in both arms, (full arm). It feels like blood is flowing out. It only lasts for a couple of minutes, but leaves me very weak when it happens. It can happen at any time, standing, walking, sitting, driving, etc. It's now occurring almost every day and it scares me. I have read somewhere on this website (having a hard time finding it again) that others have this also and doctors have not found the cause.


Hi and I think you are speaking of the same symptoms as I too have been having. There are several with similar. Sudden pain down both arms like burning and runs up the back of my neck at times causing a headache. I also after the initial pain down arms get tingling and numbness for a bit and can not lift my arms. All lasts about 1 min. I have seen a neurologist and a neurosurgeon and they are both in the dark but said it is neurological. What seems to be working for me so far are trigger point muscle injections in upper shoulders near neck and I also had some in the back of my head. So far seems my attacks have decreased. I hope this is some help to you.