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One or two days after I lost virginity, the vulva became irritated/discomfort and red with white discharge and had the symptoms of possibly a yeast/bacterial infection.

This only lasted for another two days, and now on the fifth day the white discharge has disappeared and now I have brown discharge and possibly spotting blood?

My period isn't until another two weeks or so... I am extremely afraid that this may be early signs of pregnancy, after only five days...? Is that even possible?

I am very worried. Please help me.


I dont believe your haveing an ectopic pregnancy..The pain could be from ur uterus stretching and the bleeding..Alot of women bleed during pregnancy..usually around the time of month they were supposed to be getting there period...dont freak out. If you were haveing an ectopic pregnancy you would definitely know it..The cramps you would have, are unbearable.. So if its minor crampiong that is completely normal..Just get a check up and take a deep breath! =)