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I am 17 years old, my average period is near 30 days apart. I am anemic. I have very bad abdominal cramps and NEON-Orange blood. I am taking no medication at this point, any information would be greatly appreciated!! thanks so much!


Hello there,

You mentioned you were anemic. So do you take Iron supplements? How long since your last blood test of Ferritin, hemogloban, hemocrit? Good to always request from your DR, and keep a copy of your blood tests to keep tract of your basic blood test levels.
This may not be your case, but taking Iron and B-12 vitamins really helped me, and my blood returned to red, no more orange.

I had that happen to me, for the first day of my period -2 times before. Both times, my blood tests showed, I had been very, low on my iron. I also was deficient on B-12, and all B vitamins. I had a red flag for hypercoagulation. (thick blood-which is now normalized by taking daily Nattokinase enzyme-thank God that works miracles no more migraines either.. )
Once I started taking Hemaplex by Natures Plus (An amino acid form of Iron, with the supplements/herbs to help your iron absorption)and this last time I took SloFE, am elemental form of Iron) it became normal red again after just few days I took double the amount on the box for 1st week & I had some weekly B-12 shots , and or the B complex and under the tongue B-12 tabs.
Remember that Vit C helps Iron absorption, and that Calcium /dairy reduces the iron absorption. So best to take on empty stomach. :'(