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From a month or so I am ill. First there was ear pain doctor gave me medicines in the results of medication I got dry mouth. Now dry mouth condition is resolved but since after that I am feeling ad something in my throat ... I also have sinus problem and post nasal drip. If any one have answer of my question and condition as I also have dryness of throat without thirst


It could very well be from the post nasal drip that you are feeling the sensation that something is stuck in your throat.  You can try to take an antihistamine to help alleviate the mucous draining into your esophagus.  This may cause you to have dry mouth, however.  You should increase your fluid intake anyway to loosen the phlegm and also hydrate your body.  If this doesn't help your post nasal drip, your doctor could prescribe you a nasal spray that can help dry up the mucous in your sinuses.  You can try these interventions and see if you have any improvement.  I myself use a prescription nasal spray to take care of my post nasal drip.