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I'm been facing this bad smell problems for long time. i shower twice a days but it don't help at all. I have seen people make gestures or talk behind concerning my smell. They even say my smells get strong when went to toilet...The smell can even went far away...So what should i do...i went doctor but they say i'm fine. i'm so tired with my body situation already.


That's not a nice situation to be in.

From a naturopathic perspective, people often have an unpleasant smell when their body biochemistry is out of balance, particularly their liver and other organs that remove waste from your body. A naturopath can assess which of your body systems needs support and redirection to improve your body smell.

By the way, please don't buy one of those off-the-shelf detox kits, see a professional who can help you get to the real cause of the problem, and treat it appropriately.

Hope this helps....let us know how you go.

Regards, Olwen :-)