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I'm 15 years old. It started two months ago when I had my period. I had horrible diarrhea and some blood from what I was guessing a tear in the cavity, no big deal. But after everytime I had a bowel moment there would be some blood in my stool. Then, a couple days ago, I had no cramps and only gas that felt like I had to pass gas, so I went to the bathroom. And when I did (graphic) all this liquid splayed out, it was tinted reddish brown. And after I stayed on liquid and blood and small amount of diarrhea came out. I'm really worried. Help


Yeah, you need to see a GI (Gastroenterologist) doctor as they are best updated to deal with these situations.  This is quite a serious story you have posted, you should not delay.  Has it continued?  I have Celiac disease and so I know a bit about bowels and mucous, etc - you need to see the doctor, anytime there is blood in your stool and that much of it, it is not normal at all.  If you can't see them for awhile and it happens again, go to the ER immediately.  Good luck and hope this helps