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I'm 22 and male.  I've been having this problem for over a year now, and I think I should mention how it started.  I had a bout of diarrhea, and the next day, was constipated.  After that, bowel movements started to feel incomplete, and within 20 minutes, it would feel sore down there.  This continued for about 8 months with no relief.  Had a blood test, it wasn't celiac disease.  My parents insisted it was irritable bowel syndrome.  However, I have only had diarrhea once in the past year, from the flu, never had abdominal cramping, what I eat or what medicine I take has had no effect whatsoever, the problem has always been entirely a physical feeling in the rectum and not the bowels, and I've always been able to have at least bowel movement once a day.  It's just what comes after the bowel movement.  

After 8 months, a doctor prescribed Proctozone.  That seemed to work, and after a few days, I had a particularly bloody stool, as if something had broken, and after that, I wasn't really having problems.  Then I got the flu, and after another bout of diarrhea, the problem came back just as bad as usual.  And now for the past 7 months, nothing has been working.  Preparation H and Proctozone keep it from hurting, but there's always a dull feeling of something just past the sphincter.  I've tried suppositories the past few days, but they are profoundly uncomfortable and have not been of any help.  I have bowel movements regularly, but sometimes they're incomplete, because it feels like something is actively impeding the stool just before the sphincter.  When they are complete, the relief is incredibly short-lived, because whatever's in there will begin to feel sore within 10-20 minutes.  I've never had a doctor examine it, and I don't know what to do.

So: Feels like something just past the sphincter is impeding bowel movements and causing constant discomfort.  Likely had hemorrhoids once, though I haven't had any bleeding.  Just pain within 10 minutes of a bowel movement, and constant discomfort pretty much all the time.


Maybe you won't see this now but it sounds to me that you could have a rectal intussusception which you can learn about on the net. If you do see this I would be keen to know what has happened since you postef here